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Celebrations by Pramana

Space to Inspire

Taking inspiration from the traditional philosophy Tri Hita Kirana; which focuses on the balanced relationships between humanity, faith and the natural world, Pramana Experience offers a wide range of activities based around these culturally significant principles.

SAD RASA – Pramana Experience Signature

Sad Rasa

Introducing SAD RASA (six elements of flavor), our special signature menu that offers a unique Pramana Experience.

This family-style dish is inspired by the rich traditions of Balinese cuisine. Crafted with care, it incorporates authentic Balinese spices, creating six distinct and captivating flavors.

Indulge in a culinary journey that reflects the essence of Bali, bringing together the warmth and vibrancy of our cultural heritage in every bite. Experience the true taste of Bali with SAD RASA.

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