Kelir Art Gallery presented by The Kayon Jungle Resort

Kelir Art Gallery by The Kayon Jungle Resort

After gratefully achieving several successes and received numerous recognitions as a Hotel brand who deliver the genuine of Balinese Hospitality to the travelers looking for Ubud accommodation, The Kayon Jungle Resort by Pramana enhance the Truly Ubud experience for our guest by presenting the Kelir Art Gallery. It is dedicated to allow our guest admire the beauty and richness of the local Art while on the other side to accommodate the young and talented artists of Bali and especially Ubud, give them space to explore their passions and gift on art especially paintings.

The name of “Kelir” comes from the Wayang shadow puppet theater of Indonesia which is listed by the UNESCO as Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The word of “Kelir” is used to call the screen of white cloth where the Wayang show is performed. A Wayang shadow puppet show is started by the presence of Kayon / the Tree of Life on the Kelir then the story presented which is full of local myths, people story, life philosophies and wisdoms. Kelir is philosophically a symbol of the universe that gives space to every creature to grow and live following the circle of Karma.

The Kayon Jungle Resort by Pramana provided those artist a platforms to showcase their artwork and also shared their distinguished artistic creations as the growth of the local art scene remains its main focus
This Art Luxury Exhibition presented The Kelir Art Gallery is held on the 26th of October 2019 until the 4th of November 2019, with many great artists to showcased their artwork and connected with people. The exhibition represented mainly Indonesian and local artist such as I Wayan Bawa Antara, I Wayan Januariawan, Alit Suaja, I Nyoman Wijaya, I Made Sutarjaya, I Wayan Suarmadi, Ngurah Darma, Irwan Widjayanto (iwe), Kate Salama and Nadya Lesnaya.

The Kayon Jungle Resort by Pramana will hold several exhibitions along the year featured great artist that will complete the guest journey during their stay. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming exhibition at The Kayon Jungle Resort by Pramana

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