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Sustainability & Social Impact

As a leading global hospitality company, Pramana is in the business of caring for people so they can be their best. This purpose guides every aspect of our business, from how we care for our people, communities, and planet to how we source products and protect human rights. We are committed to enriching the communities we call home and protecting the planet for future generations.

Our Environment

In 2018, Pramana launched its vision to tackle the most pressing global environmental issues we can influence. It is based around goals for reducing energy and water consumption as well as plastic waste problems at our hotels, recycling and waste reduction, supply chain sustainability, and building efficiency – challenges that require collaboration with our industry, other businesses, and thought leaders.


Our Communities

We want the many places around the world we call home to be vibrant, thriving places where people have access to resources and opportunities to prosper. From providing employment and educational opportunities to responding when disasters strike, we strive to make our communities stronger because Pramana is there.

Pramana Hita Karana

Inspired by long respected Tri Hita Karana concept with an embrace of genuine Balinese hospitality, Pramana commits to promote harmony among fellow human beings; harmony towards God; as well as harmony with the nature.

Pramana Hita Karana
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